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Glue Systems


  • UM-INFRA-RED Machine

    UM-INFRA-RED infrared unit is a tunnel with infrared heaters designed to remove a high percentage of the water content from the water base glue allowing...

    The UM-GLUE-BRIDGE System is a hi capacity hot melt glue machine with extraordinary versatility to produce various mattress sizes and high throughput
  • UM-HMELT-6 Hot Melt Machine

    It's a high capacity hotmelt glue machine with remarkable versatility to produce different mattress sizes with a high throughput.
  • UM-PRESS-4 Ton Pressure Machine

    The UM-PRESS-4 is a 4 ton machine that evenly applies pressure to the bonding application of foam layers.
  • UM-H2O-RC Roll Coating Machine

    The UM-H2O-RC Roll Water Base Coating Machine applies adhesives evenly across the surface of the component layer (foams, latex, Syfi/Fiber, Foam core units etc.) before...